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Benefits for all

The seaside holiday is already a therapy by itself, the “thalasso-therapy” (from Greek φαλασσος= mare).

The “talassoterapia” is essential in childhood, in adolescence, during pregnancy and in old age in order to integrate vitamin D in our body. The above mentioned, are the “critic moments” of every person’s life, when our bones need more vitamin D than ever. Without sun there may be rickets, osteoporosis and fractures.
Sea and sun are also a great good remedy for obstructive respiratory disorders, for children with recurrent respiratory infections, for nose-bronchial allergic inflammation, which usually are treated with medicated aerosols, for mood disturbs (as depression).
After few days by the sea, respiration improves significantly, olfactory capacity increases (and as a result the appetite) and sleep is optimized.

bibione & lignano together17 km: najdłuższa plaża w Europie

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Wioski wypoczynkowe
Konsultant czasowy Bibione
Min. 20 °C  Max. 32 °C
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Co się dzieje w Bibione
Bibione Be Active
od 10/06/2024 do 06/09/2024
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Konsultant czasowy Lignano
Min. 20 °C  Max. 32 °C
Nowości i Wydarzenia
Co się dzieje w Lignano
Excursion on board of the Emerald River
od 28/06/2023 do 30/09/2023
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